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4 April 2008 • Mis à jour le 16 December 2015 | by Ali CHERKAOUI

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AFAR Overview Brochure - december 2015


Its founding members had the will to break the isolation in which sometimes the assistant directors are, in front of productions companies and film crews, by creating a communication network open and accessible to all.

Beyond any unionism or corporatism, they wanted to defend the interests of this profession: in publishing a charter of the assistant director . Beyond it, the respect and promotion by all members of the association of true ethics in this profession, in order to offer an « real added value » to production companies which will find here the same will of professionalism.

ITS VOCATION IS : To enable all members of the film and television community to find among our members, confirmed assistant directors who will collaborate in the best way to their projects.

- all members of the a.f.a.r have major experience on several feature films, tv movies, or series. Many also have experience in production -

To offer, if you are a Producer or a Director, a fast and confidential circulation network for your projects among our members.
- a permanent E-mail ( enables quick contact with all available members who fit your search criteria and are likely to be interested in your projects -

To support exchanges of information and tools necessary to the making of this profession.

- the a.f.a.r through its web site offers and provide tools, links, information likely to help its members but also all members of the film and television industry in their work. (producers, production managers, location managers etc..) -

To promote with official or private organizations the specificities of this trade and its bonds with Directors.

- Close Links with the French National Film Commission (FILM FRANCE), presence at film festivals, participation in events related to the film and television production.

To promote the training of future assistant directors by the employment of trainees truly concerned and to defend the “Third Assistant Director” grade for those WHO confirm their capacities.

- regular studies of applications from future assistants out of film schools or wanting to join this profession and circulation of their resumes among our members. Contacts with producers’ associations and institutions for the development of a “Third Assistant Director” grade for the confirmed trainees who are integrated in a team of assistant directors.



Profils mis à jour

Véronique LABRID

1st assistant director


1st assistant director

François DOMANGE

1st assistant director


1st assistant director

Olivier BRETON

2nd assistant director

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