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  • Units (iOS)

    Units est un Utilitaire de Conversion simple pour l’Iphone/iPod Touch. Contrairement à d’autre outils de conversion, Units ressemble et fonctionne comme une calculatrice... L’un des meilleurs utilitaires de Conversion pour iPhone. Très Complet.

    Units is a simple unit conversion utility for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Unlike most other unit converters, Units looks and works a lot like a calculator. You punch in digits and Units does the conversion on the fly.

    You can set modes via buttons on the face of the application or from a list of options at the back. Modes that you use often can be saved for quick access via 3 user-assignable buttons.

    Currency exchange rates are updated once a day from our server, but you can also do a manual update when you want to.

  • Sol : Sun Clock – Daylight Forecaster & Solar Alarm (iOS)

    Sol est une horloge qui donne de manière graphique la répartition Jour Nuit pour n’importe quelle destination sur la planète ainsi que les horaires de Levers, Couchers de Soleil ainsi que les horaires d’Aube et Crépuscule. Seul hic impossible de calculer les horaires pour une date future, pour l’instant...

    Sol is a 24-hour daylight clock. For any location on the planet, Sol displays how many hours of each day are spent in sunlight, how many are spent at nighttime, and how many are spent in twilight. Whether you’re a backpacker who wants to know how long you have to get to your car before it gets dark, an astronomer who needs to know how many hours you can spend making observations before dawn, a private pilot who needs to land your plane before civil twilight, or just someone who wants to know how much daylight will be left when you get home from work, Sol does what you need.

    Sol can calculate sunrise, sunset, and civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight for anywhere on Earth. And with a database of over 2.3 million locations, you’ll never need to look up your latitude and longitude.

  • Weather Underground

    Site Météo pour iPhone : Prévisions météo précises et poussées, conditions en temps réel, images radar animées, prévisions météo et alertes météo...

    The Weather Underground, now on your iPhone. View current conditions, animated radar, forecasts, and severe weather alerts.

  • Lens Angle Calculator

    Cet outil permet de calculer l’angle (Vertical/Horizontal) d’un objectif donné à partir d’un format et d’une focale donnée (et vice et versa)

    This tool will help you calculate the lens angle for a given sensor size and focal length. This is invaluable for planning camera placements before shooting.

  • Film Rate Calculator

    Cet outil permet de calculer le métrage nécessaire pour une durée donnée et vice et versa en fonction du format de pellicule utilisée : 35mm, 35mm 2-perf/3-perf, 16mm...etc..

    This tool is intended to give an indication of the number of film rolls needed to shoot a given amount of footage. The actual results may differ slightly due to the rounding system used for this tool.

  • DOF Calculator

    Cet outil permet de calculer la profondeur de champs pour un format de film (16mm, 35mm...) ou taille de capteur donné et à une ouverture, focale et distance du sujet données...

    This tool will calculate the depth of field for a given sensor or film type, aperture, focal length and subject distance (the distance from the camera to the person or object you are focusing on). A lower number means that a large proportion of the background will remain in sharp focus and a higher number means that a smaller proportion (if any) will be in focus.

    Choose a preset to automatically change the sensor type to fit your camera. Please be aware that this tool is designed for cinematographers, not still photographers.

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